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SA6577 Rotorcomp 50332 AIR
DA1079 Rotorcomp 52001058 SP
DA1083 Rotorcomp 52022 SP
SA6013 Rotorcomp 52438 AIR
DA1013 Rotorcomp 52471 SP
DA1080 Rotorcomp 52841 SP
DA1079 Rotorcomp 56274 SP
SH8153 Rotorcomp 56457 Oil
DA1079 Rotorcomp 57029 SP
SH8119 Rotorcomp 57562 Oil
DA1080 Rotorcomp 58034 SP
DA1014 Rotorcomp 58336 SP
DA1080 Rotorcomp 59177 SP
DA1082 Rotorcomp 59180 SP
DA1015 Rotorcomp 59874 SP
DA1080 Rotorcomp 59891 SP
SH8149 Rotorcomp 59946 Oil
DF5004 Rotorcomp 70291 SP
SA6005 Rotorcomp 70299 AIR
SAH8008 Rotorcomp 70301 Oil
DA1081 Rotorcomp 70539 SP
SH8170 Rotorcomp Cr21C8123A Oil
SH8172 Rotorcomp Cr21D11031 Oil
SH8171 Rotorcomp Cr21E20097 Oil
SH8190 Rotorcomp Cr21F30389 Oil
SH8189 Rotorcomp Cr21G30319 Oil
SH8173 Rotorcomp Cr21H30581 Oil
SA6571 Rotorcomp PE 605 AIR
DA1096 Rotorcomp 95040130322 SP
SH8143 Rotorcomp 95040131222 Oil
SA6754 Rotorcomp 95040230321 AIR
DA1056 Rotorcomp 95050130522 SP
DA1180 Rotorcomp 95150100230 SP
DB2355 Rotorcomp 7934020638 SP
DB2101 Rotorcomp 7978190 SP
DA1086 Rotorcomp pa501 SP
SA6165 Rotorcomp 40428 AIR
ASI-上海勃格贸易有限公司 Page 1 of 11
http://www.bogetrading.com/rotorcomp_comparison_table.htm 5/9/2009
SA6039 Rotorcomp 40436 AIR
SA6028 Rotorcomp 40659 AIR
SA6005 Rotorcomp 40741 AIR
SH8119 Rotorcomp 40873 Oil
SA6053 Rotorcomp 40907 AIR
SH8145 Rotorcomp 41038 Oil
DA1057 Rotorcomp 41046 SP
DA1062 Rotorcomp 41047 SP
SA6038 Rotorcomp 41327 AIR
SA6685 Rotorcomp 41748 AIR
SA6665 Rotorcomp 41779 AIR
DB2134 Rotorcomp 41916 SP
DB2188 Rotorcomp 41971 SP
DB2090 Rotorcomp 42035 SP
SH8143 Rotorcomp 470001 Oil
SH8130 Rotorcomp 470002 Oil
SH8145 Rotorcomp 470003 Oil
SA6688 Rotorcomp 480002 AIR
SA6717 Rotorcomp 480003 AIR
SA6021 Rotorcomp 480005 AIR
SA6875 Rotorcomp 480006 AIR
SA6034 Rotorcomp 480007 AIR
SA6653 Rotorcomp 480020 AIR
SA6069 Rotorcomp 480021 AIR
DB2126 Rotorcomp cs1613g000 SP
DB2132 Rotorcomp cs3775g000 SP
DB2124 Rotorcomp cs9007g000 SP
DB2090 Rotorcomp cs9020g000 SP
SA6688 Rotorcomp fa04150002 AIR
SA6717 Rotorcomp fa18220002 AIR
SA6021 Rotorcomp fa30370002 AIR
SA6189 Rotorcomp fa4011g000 AIR
SH8143 Rotorcomp fo04220000 Oil
SH8130 Rotorcomp fo18370000 Oil
SH8145 Rotorcomp fo4532g000 Oil
DB2002 Rotorcomp sp04150001 SP
DB2003 Rotorcomp sp18220001 SP
DB2123 Rotorcomp sp30370001 SP
ASI-上海勃格贸易有限公司 Page 2 of 11
http://www.bogetrading.com/rotorcomp_comparison_table.htm 5/9/2009
DB2150 Rotorcomp sp45550002 SP
DC3103 Rotorcomp 516139/3 SP
SH8118 Rotorcomp 6665979 Oil
SH8108 Rotorcomp 6928490 Oil
DB2012 Rotorcomp 7687452 SP
SA6707 Rotorcomp 7687999 AIR
DB2120 Rotorcomp 7821119 SP
DB2085 Rotorcomp 7821275 SP
DB2101 Rotorcomp 7825342 SP
DB2161 Rotorcomp 7825656 SP
DB2121 Rotorcomp 7835168 SP
DB2093 Rotorcomp 7835986 SP
DB2119 Rotorcomp 7839483 SP
DB2127 Rotorcomp 7853179 SP
DE4021 Rotorcomp 7853435 SP
DB2128 Rotorcomp 7865090 SP
DC3153 Rotorcomp 7867443 SP
DC3102 Rotorcomp 7867450 SP
DC3064 Rotorcomp 7891617 SP
DC3055 Rotorcomp 7951452 SP
DA1012 Rotorcomp 7951635 SP
DA1132 Rotorcomp 7951809 SP
DB2095 Rotorcomp 7952070 SP
DA1133 Rotorcomp 7953102 SP
DE4021 Rotorcomp 7953435 SP
DB2030 Rotorcomp 852468 SP
DB2012 Rotorcomp 852469 SP
DB2027 Rotorcomp 852470 SP
DB2020 Rotorcomp 852471 SP
DB2018 Rotorcomp 852472 SP
DB2009 Rotorcomp 852473 SP
DB2006 Rotorcomp 852474 SP
DC3006 Rotorcomp 852537 SP
DB2025 Rotorcomp 852540 SP
DB2003 Rotorcomp 852582 SP
DB2022 Rotorcomp 852590 SP
DC3033 Rotorcomp 852605 SP
DB2024 Rotorcomp 852606 SP
ASI-上海勃格贸易有限公司 Page 3 of 11
http://www.bogetrading.com/rotorcomp_comparison_table.htm 5/9/2009
DB2106 Rotorcomp 852619 SP
SA6707 Rotorcomp 852621mic. AIR
DB2032 Rotorcomp 852631 SP
DE4022 Rotorcomp 852631 SP
DC3026 Rotorcomp 852637 SP
DC3004 Rotorcomp 852645 SP
DB2002 Rotorcomp 852655 SP
DA1004 Rotorcomp 852774340 SP
DA10012 Rotorcomp 852774450 SP
SA6136 Rotorcomp 852782739 AIR
DA1132 Rotorcomp 852846 SP
DA1133 Rotorcomp 852867 SP
DB2004 Rotorcomp 852870 SP
DA1107 Rotorcomp 852872262 SP
DB2119 Rotorcomp 853170098 SP
DB2120 Rotorcomp 853170156 SP
DB2085 Rotorcomp 853170180 SP
DC3153 Rotorcomp 853170180lk SP
DB2121 Rotorcomp 853170242 SP
DB2096 Rotorcomp 853170314 SP
DC3102 Rotorcomp 853170314lk SP
DB2128 Rotorcomp 853170350 SP
DB2122 Rotorcomp 853170445 SP
DC3064 Rotorcomp 853170445lk SP
DB2093 Rotorcomp 853223180 SP
DB2161 Rotorcomp 853223242 SP
DE4021 Rotorcomp 853223242lk SP
DB2127 Rotorcomp 853300350 SP
DC3101 Rotorcomp 853300350lk SP
DB2101 Rotorcomp 853300445 SP
DC3109 Rotorcomp 853300445lk SP
DB2107 Rotorcomp 853400370 SP
DB2094 Rotorcomp 853400480 SP
DA1132 Rotorcomp 8726416 SP
SH8118 Rotorcomp FCO201 Oil
SH8113 Rotorcomp FCO213 Oil
SH8112 Rotorcomp FCO257 Oil
SH8118 Rotorcomp FCO28 Oil
ASI-上海勃格贸易有限公司 Page 4 of 11
http://www.bogetrading.com/rotorcomp_comparison_table.htm 5/9/2009
DB2049 Rotorcomp ke0591 SP
DC3121 Rotorcomp ke0645 SP
DC3120 Rotorcomp ke0646 SP
DC3119 Rotorcomp ke0647 SP
DC3055 Rotorcomp ke217 SP
SH8118 Rotorcomp L 10028 Oil
SH8118 Rotorcomp L 10168 Oil
SH8118 Rotorcomp L 10183 Oil
SH8113 Rotorcomp L 20252 Oil
SH8113 Rotorcomp L 24466 Oil
SH8147 Rotorcomp L 40106 Oil
SH8107 Rotorcomp L 42168 Oil
SH8108 Rotorcomp L 54563 Oil
SH8118 Rotorcomp PC 201 Oil
SH8118 Rotorcomp PC 21 Oil
SH8108 Rotorcomp PC 244 Oil
SH8110 Rotorcomp PC 246 Oil
SH8147 Rotorcomp PC 248 Oil
SH8113 Rotorcomp PC 252 Oil
SH8113 Rotorcomp PC 253 Oil
SH8112 Rotorcomp PC 257 Oil
SH8118 Rotorcomp PC 32/1 Oil
SH8147 Rotorcomp PC 33 Oil
SH8110 Rotorcomp PC 507 Oil
SH8118 Rotorcomp PER 168 Oil
SH8118 Rotorcomp PER 17K Oil
SH8118 Rotorcomp PER 183 Oil
SH8118 Rotorcomp PER 211 Oil
SH8107 Rotorcomp PER 2168 Oil
SH8113 Rotorcomp PER 252 Oil
SH8112 Rotorcomp PER 257 Oil
SH8118 Rotorcomp PER 28 Oil
SH8147 Rotorcomp PER 319 Oil
SH8113 Rotorcomp PER 4466 Oil
SH8108 Rotorcomp PER 4563 Oil
DB2239 Rotorcomp 124487-003 SP
DB2316 Rotorcomp 124487-008 SP
DB2238 Rotorcomp 124487-013 SP
ASI-上海勃格贸易有限公司 Page 5 of 11
http://www.bogetrading.com/rotorcomp_comparison_table.htm 5/9/2009
SA6817 Rotorcomp 127357 E013 AIR
DA1224 Rotorcomp 127368-003 SP
DA1141 Rotorcomp 127631-001 SP
SH8162 Rotorcomp 128381-050 Oil
SH8161 Rotorcomp 128382-050 Oil
DA1225 Rotorcomp 128820-001 SP
SH8161 Rotorcomp 142136 Oil
DB2024 Rotorcomp 22705-2 SP
DB2338 Rotorcomp 22705-4 SP
SA6910 Rotorcomp 23458-1 AIR
DC3061 Rotorcomp 20194A SP
DC3035 Rotorcomp 211418 SP
DB2006 Rotorcomp 214606 SP
DC3043 Rotorcomp 214608 SP
DB2020 Rotorcomp 214609 SP
DC3004 Rotorcomp 217237 SP
DB2024 Rotorcomp 217517 SP
DB2073 Rotorcomp 220224/b SP
DB2002 Rotorcomp 220512 SP
DB2004 Rotorcomp 220569 SP
DC3036 Rotorcomp 220801 SP
DB2009 Rotorcomp 52450080 SP
DB2022 Rotorcomp 52450081 SP
DB2020 Rotorcomp 52450082 SP
DB2012 Rotorcomp 52450086 SP
DB2027 Rotorcomp 52450089 SP
DB2024 Rotorcomp 52450096 SP
DA1004 Rotorcomp 524598 SP
DA1002 Rotorcomp R52450101 SP
DB2021 Rotorcomp R7745 SP
DC3086 Rotorcomp SP
SA6815 Rotorcomp 317856 AIR
SA6708 Rotorcomp 317895 AIR
SA6712 Rotorcomp 317896 AIR
SA6713 Rotorcomp 317900 AIR
SA6839 Rotorcomp 317901 AIR
SA6831 Rotorcomp 317932 AIR
SA6694 Rotorcomp 317957 AIR
ASI-上海勃格贸易有限公司 Page 6 of 11
http://www.bogetrading.com/rotorcomp_comparison_table.htm 5/9/2009
SA6695 Rotorcomp 317960 AIR
SA6840 Rotorcomp 317984 AIR
SA6114 Rotorcomp 513457 AIR
SA6100 Rotorcomp 513458 AIR
SA6708 Rotorcomp 513458/B AIR
SA6103 Rotorcomp 515310 AIR
SA6113 Rotorcomp 515339 AIR
SA6121 Rotorcomp 515340 AIR
SA6117 Rotorcomp 515411 AIR
DA1125 Rotorcomp 518358 SP
DA1124 Rotorcomp 519861 SP
SA6792 Rotorcomp 523464 AIR
SA6791 Rotorcomp 523465 AIR
SA6059 Rotorcomp 730032 AIR
SA6097 Rotorcomp 730080 AIR
SA6058 Rotorcomp 730090 AIR
SA6808 Rotorcomp 730091 AIR
SA6806 Rotorcomp 730092 AIR
SA6807 Rotorcomp 730093 AIR
SA6810 Rotorcomp 730095 AIR
SA6811 Rotorcomp 730096 AIR
SA6813 Rotorcomp 730097 AIR
SA6814 Rotorcomp 730098 AIR
SA6059 Rotorcomp 730099 AIR
SA6809 Rotorcomp 730101 AIR
SA6799 Rotorcomp 730102 AIR
SA6803 Rotorcomp 730103 AIR
SA6804 Rotorcomp 730104 AIR
SA6802 Rotorcomp 730105 AIR
SA6800 Rotorcomp 730105 AIR
SA6801 Rotorcomp 730106 AIR
SA6812 Rotorcomp 730109 AIR
SA6649 Rotorcomp 730130 AIR
SA6061 Rotorcomp 730302 AIR
SA6119 Rotorcomp 730500 AIR
SA6094 Rotorcomp 730501 AIR
SA6098 Rotorcomp 730502 AIR
SA6090 Rotorcomp 730503 AIR
ASI-上海勃格贸易有限公司 Page 7 of 11
http://www.bogetrading.com/rotorcomp_comparison_table.htm 5/9/2009
SA6099 Rotorcomp 730504 AIR
SA6713 Rotorcomp 730505 AIR
SA6111 Rotorcomp 730506 AIR
SA6089 Rotorcomp 730507 AIR
SA6890 Rotorcomp 730508 AIR
SA6112 Rotorcomp 730509 AIR
SA6123 Rotorcomp 730511 AIR
SA6106 Rotorcomp 730512 AIR
SA6095 Rotorcomp 730513 AIR
SA6120 Rotorcomp 730514 AIR
SA6116 Rotorcomp 730515 AIR
SA6075 Rotorcomp 730516 AIR
SA6096 Rotorcomp 730517 AIR
SA6655 Rotorcomp 730518 AIR
SA6122 Rotorcomp 730519 AIR
SA6019 Rotorcomp 730520 AIR
SA6086 Rotorcomp 730521 AIR
SA6037 Rotorcomp 730522 AIR
SA6126 Rotorcomp 730524 AIR
DA1120 Rotorcomp 730526 SP
DA1137 Rotorcomp 730527 SP
SA6130 Rotorcomp 730528 AIR
SA6104 Rotorcomp 730533 AIR
SA6108 Rotorcomp 730534 AIR
SA6110 Rotorcomp 730535 AIR
SA6091 Rotorcomp 730542 AIR
SA6058 Rotorcomp 730550 AIR
SA6131 Rotorcomp 730554 AIR
SA6003 Rotorcomp 730599 AIR
SA6002 Rotorcomp 730600 AIR
SA6060 Rotorcomp 730670 AIR
SA6652 Rotorcomp 730671 AIR
DA1124 Rotorcomp 730918 SP
DA1051 Rotorcomp 730936 SP
DA1022 Rotorcomp 730937 SP
DA1050 Rotorcomp 730946 SP
DA1067 Rotorcomp 731023 SP
SA6837 Rotorcomp 731137 AIR
ASI-上海勃格贸易有限公司 Page 8 of 11
http://www.bogetrading.com/rotorcomp_comparison_table.htm 5/9/2009
SA6691 Rotorcomp 731142 AIR
SA6693 Rotorcomp 731143 AIR
SA6838 Rotorcomp 731145 AIR
SA6692 Rotorcomp 731148 AIR
SA6839 Rotorcomp 731158 AIR
SA6793 Rotorcomp 731159 AIR
SA6832 Rotorcomp 731171 AIR
SA6790 Rotorcomp 731172 AIR
SA6853 Rotorcomp 731190 AIR
SA6852 Rotorcomp 731191 AIR
SA6833 Rotorcomp 731235 AIR
SH8146 Rotorcomp 099008S Oil
SH8110 Rotorcomp 099012S Oil
DA1024 Rotorcomp 157002S SP
DA1023 Rotorcomp 157003S SP
DB2081 Rotorcomp 157004S SP
DB2080 Rotorcomp 157005S SP
DB2142 Rotorcomp 157007S SP
DB2002 Rotorcomp 157010S SP
DB2003 Rotorcomp 157020S SP
DB2012 Rotorcomp 157030S SP
DB2043 Rotorcomp 157040S SP
DB2145 Rotorcomp 157060S SP
DB2022 Rotorcomp 157070S SP
DC3040 Rotorcomp 157090S SP
DC3041 Rotorcomp 157095S SP
DC3003 Rotorcomp 157100S SP
DC3080 Rotorcomp 157110S SP
DC3052 Rotorcomp 157120S SP
DC3072 Rotorcomp 157130S SP
DC3078 Rotorcomp 157140S SP
DC3076 Rotorcomp 157141S SP
DB2075 Rotorcomp 157142S SP
DB2165 Rotorcomp 157145S SP
DB2166 Rotorcomp 157147S SP
DC3091 Rotorcomp 157160S SP
DC3094 Rotorcomp 157180S SP
DC3097 Rotorcomp 157190S SP
ASI-上海勃格贸易有限公司 Page 9 of 11
http://www.bogetrading.com/rotorcomp_comparison_table.htm 5/9/2009
DB2057 Rotorcomp 157201S SP
DC3070 Rotorcomp 157901S SP
SA6724 Rotorcomp 162090S Air
SA6725 Rotorcomp 162160S Air
SA6726 Rotorcomp 162180S Air
SA6727 Rotorcomp 162220S Air
SA6728 Rotorcomp 162240S Air
SA6729 Rotorcomp 162260S Air
SA6730 Rotorcomp 162280S Air
SA6731 Rotorcomp 162281S Air
SA6732 Rotorcomp 162300S Air
SA6833 Rotorcomp 162301S Air
SA6734 Rotorcomp 162320S Air
SA6735 Rotorcomp 162340S Air
SA6736 Rotorcomp 162350S Air
SA6737 Rotorcomp 162351S Air
SA6738 Rotorcomp 162390S Air
SA6739 Rotorcomp 162391S Air
SA6740 Rotorcomp 162400S Air
SA6741 Rotorcomp 162420S Air
SA6742 Rotorcomp 162440S Air
SA6743 Rotorcomp 162460S Air
SA6744 Rotorcomp 162480S Air
SA6745 Rotorcomp 162500S Air
SA6746 Rotorcomp 162520S Air
SA6747 Rotorcomp 162570S Air
SA6748 Rotorcomp 162571S Air
SA6935 Rotorcomp 162726S Air
SH8110 Rotorcomp r1161 Oil
SA6673 Rotorcomp r12017 Air
DF5004 Rotorcomp r12101 SP
DF5006 Rotorcomp r12104 SP
DB2027 Rotorcomp r12268 SP
DB5005 Rotorcomp r12476 SP
DB2027 Rotorcomp r12708 SP
DA1002 Rotorcomp r1279 SP
DB2029 Rotorcomp r14035 SP
DA1005 Rotorcomp r14301924 SP
ASI-上海勃格贸易有限公司 Page 10 of 11
http://www.bogetrading.com/rotorcomp_comparison_table.htm 5/9/2009
DA1002 Rotorcomp r21279 SP
SA6662 Rotorcomp r215 SP
DA1005 Rotorcomp r21924 SP
DA1003 Rotorcomp r227 SP
DA1004 Rotorcomp r228 SP
SA6707 Rotorcomp r2595 Air
DF5005 Rotorcomp r27432 SP
DF5004 Rotorcomp r28294 SP
DF5006 Rotorcomp r28875 SP
SH8152 Rotorcomp r2979 Oil
SH8155 Rotorcomp r333 Oil
DF5005 Rotorcomp r7432 SP
SA6669 Rotorcomp r771 Air
DF5004 Rotorcomp r8294 SP
SA6672 Rotorcomp r8556 Air
DF5006 Rotorcomp r8875 SP
SH8153 Rotorcomp r9206 Oil
SA6782 Rotorcomp r9213 Air
DA1012 Rotorcomp SP
ASI-上海勃格贸易有限公司 Page 11 of 11
http://www.bogetrading.com/rotorcomp_comparison_table.htm 5/9/2009

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